Professional Teacher



Approved by KHDA



✓ Teaching Certificate


✓ UAE Teaching Standards


✓ Internationally Recognized

Professional Teacher Qualification


Approved by KHDA


✓ Teaching Certificate

✓ UAE Teaching Standards

✓ Internationally Recognized

Why Pg.C.T.L?


Professional Graduate Certificate in Teaching & Learning

Endorsed by ATHE

UK Awarding Body ATHE at UK level 6

60 Credits & 15 Courses

Completed in one academic year (9 months)


Graduate Level Qualification

Teaching Certificate

Aligned with UAE Teacher Standards



For Limited Time

Free MPDs

Mandatory Professional Development

Free Pedagogy Assessment Prep

Include Teacher License Test Prep

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P.C.T.L Covers

+ Teaching Practice


Teaching and learning principles, teaching skills


Development and Design

Curriculum, teaching and learning resources

Learning Assessment

Design, development, grading assessments (formative and summative)

Human development

Psychology; cognitive, social and physical development

Classroom Management

Discipline, the physical arrangement of the classroom


Educational Technology

Computer applications in education, online learning, and assessment

U.A.E’s Four Teaching Standards

PCTL meets all standards and is also adapted to your local context.

Ethical Conduct0%
Professional Knowledge0%
See 99 Assessment Indicators


In-depth Course Details of UAE Teacher Standard

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P.C.T.L Assessment Preparation takes care of that!

Performance Indicator [ From Official Download ]

Sample Question


To ensure that instruction will be effective and appropriate for students from different backgrounds, Maryam must plan a lesson that will include option ……….. to help students




  1. A) The lesson will include opportunities for interaction among students from different backgrounds
    (B) The lesson will include examples that are familiar and relevant to learners from different backgrounds to illustrate and explore lesson content.
    (C) Students will have opportunities to ask questions and seek clarification at various points in the lesson
    (D) The lesson is structured in a way that allows students to spend time working with selected peers to help process new learning


Correct Answer is Option ‘B’

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