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Pedagogical Transformations provides need-based solutions that have been created by years of research with hundreds of schools and thousands of teachers, parents & students. Our programs involve all the stakeholders in a school and include learning transformation of teachers, parents and students; as well as, keeping the culture & values of the country.



Pedagogical Transformations is a brainchild of few leading cognitive educationalist and visionaries of the country. It came into existence when the brain behind this idea realised that teachers not only in our country but across the world need career development.  And that happened only after the founding members go through a moment of professional and personal transformation. We are in exclusive tie-up with a ten-year-old education company – Les Transformations (an organisation that is committed to high impact learning programs and conducting research). Also, consecutively awarded as the “BEST TEACHER TRAINING COMPANY” by Indian Education Congress.


After 6 years of research, they were able to find out the loopholes in existing approaches and came to a conclusion that they will design result-oriented program for not only teachers but also to schools, students and parents and provide end-to-end learning solutions.


As a result, today, Pedagogical Transformations have its own range of products which allow schools to develop, teachers in enhancing their performance, give holistic education to students, and solidify the parent-school partnership.




What is the true purpose of what we do?


At Pedagocial Transformations, it all started with this question.


We wanted to be an evolutionary catalyst in the field of Education & Development that generated value for people and educational institution. That it could be the way to the transformation, always focused on awakening the best of people.


Our efforts awakens and transforms potential into satisfaction and happiness. And since we speak of educationists who dream and transform, we believe they are the agents to build high performance and humanized institution, focused on results, but without losing touch with their biggest competitive advantage.


We are Pedagogical Transformations. Awakening essences, Transforming lives & education.

the manifest


We believe in teachers, we believe that they are the true people responsible for the success of any schools.


We like the teachers! We know that they are unique, they are brilliant, they are transformers of themselves and of others. And by believing in a teacher we understand our share of contribution.


We contribute with education, content, policy and design as fuel for the realization and construction of large educational institution. We know that the best way to deliver education is by inspiring people to recognize where, how and why they can improve.

Education is like that, simple, light, fun and happy. We firmly believe that just as we have contributed to transforming the lives of thousands of teacher, we can create an even greater transformation. Because education also depends on wanting, it must be applicable, innovative and generate stimulation.


We know that education depends on the content. And content is fuel! Must be warm, out of the oven. We like to mix methodologies, from design to strategy, from learning to entrepreneurship, to innovation with emerging techs like AI, Deep Learning, Machine Learning etc.

And education focused on human development allows a more collaborative universe, which generates transcendence capacity to expand the learning the next day. And in the journey we have undertaken, we find that education must serve as a problem solver. That’s why education is part of our day-to-day life.


We know that problems are never the same, each has a different facet. Knowing this, we have decided to build unique solutions that specifically meet a demand.


We employ cognitive science for a solution, with a focus on understanding everything we need, and building together with the ideal solutions for people and institution. “Empathize, collaborate and experience” is how we put people at the centre of our solutions.



We can help your school to achieve international standard best practices:

We help the institution professionalize its management
We adopt the best practices used in the market to optimize the results of its team

We act in the reduction of academic and administrative costs

We analyze the activities to improve the procedures
Map the institution and indicate how to expand
We identify what new products and services may be offered
We restructure the pedagogical initiatives and curricular matrices
We elaborate new initiatives or we revise the content, to be up-to-date and in accordance with KHDA’s requirements.
We create, adapt and reshape the institution’s visual identity
Communication tools (website, social networks, graphic material, advertisements, videos, language, etc.) will be aligned to share in an appropriate way the objectives of the institution
Also, how to use the idle physical structure
– Expansion of the activities with projects for Accreditation and Authorization of courses
– Elaboration, implementation and follow-up so that the institution changes the level of performance
We guide the processes that involve Legislation applied to Education & Educational Law
We train the school administration professionals on the sector’s regulatory issues
We ensure quality control over the offered educational service
We guide what should be adopted to improve the institution’s performance in the official KHDA’s indicators (KPI)
As a Pedagogical Client, you will receive all the advice you need to re-structure your business and perfect the educational products you offer.